Cummins comes to town

Although not strictly planned as an anniversary to mark an epic crossing of the USA in 1931, when Cummins founder Clessie Cummins drove coast to coast over 5,270km in a truck fitted with his Model U diesel engine to prove its durability, it is fitting that 85 years later Cummins Power Generation division should undertake its City to City Tour of South Africa.


New nano-fibre technology exceeds all expectations

Advanced nano-fibre technology exclusively developed by Cummins has been proven to dramatically extend oil drain intervals, improve overall efficiency and decrease the total cost of ownership on a number of leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) machinery and equipment that operate in the harsh South African mining conditions. The latest breakthrough from the company’s filtration division is the Fleetguard FH239 Series Industrial Pro diesel fuel filtration system and all-in-one fuel/water separator, which was launched locally in February 2015 at the Mining Indaba, following successful trial runs at mine sites over an 18-month period.


Mining Indaba 2016 roundup

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Cape Business news spoke to key stakeholders in the South African mining sector that were exhibiting at the 2016 Mining Indaba. Key takeaways include the fact that companies are counteracting the depressed mining sector by focusing on infrastructural projects across Africa.

Anton Niemann, General Manager for the lubricant sales division, Shell

Shell Lubricants showcased its technology and to gain further insight into the industry through presentations and discussions with other key role players.

Tony Zoghby, African Mining Leader, Deloitte

Deloitte stated that the major challenges that the mining companies are facing, is the low commodity prices and scarce capital.

“I think the mining companies are going to have to seriously look where they are investing their scarce capital to take advantage of when the upturn does come and I think it a fine balance between how much you spend on your ongoing operations and how much you put into your new business.”

John Millward, Director: Project Development, Murray and Roberts 

Murray and Roberts construction stated that there is not a lot of opportunity in the mining industry at the moment. The company will be focusing more on the infrastructure sector.

“We actually see the industry as being very dull and gloomy, so I guess we need to look at infrastructure that is largely public expenditure, so we will look at power, roads, water and those sorts of projects.”

Koketso Seripe, sales director Fluor South Africa

Fluor South Africa said it is supporting its clients on the infrastructure development. In addition to South Africa, it has set up offices in Gaborone as well as Mozambique and have local solutions operated by local people in those areas.

“We are positioning ourselves to support outlines in infrastructure development, which includes railways networks, power and water.”

Richard Simpson, General Manager, Civil Engineering, Group Five

Group Five explained that they have a project in the Western Cape as well as Saldhana Bay. Simpson says that its core focus in on uplifting the small community’s and businesses.

“We have a road job in the Western Cape [and other] projects in Saldanha bay including some of the infrastructure leading into Saldanha Bay harbour.”

Kenny Gaynor, Director Power Solutions, Cummins

Cummins said that it would like to see more focus on power generations as this is a vital component in the mining industry

“It’s always often seen as an add on or a clip on and I would like to see more forums dedicated to the power industry.”

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