Transnet Port Terminals East London innovates with grain elevator rail connectivity

Transnet Port Terminals is committed to assisting South Africa’s urgent need for imported grain through its terminals across the country. According to Oxfam, the drought in South Africa has seen production of wheat and yellow maize down by 28% from nine million tons to 7.1 million tons. The need for the country to import almost two million tons is now a necessity and the East London terminal has already stepped up to the plate with their recent grain elevator rail connectivity refurbishment to meet these import demands.


Afrox’s aquaculture technology underpins growing local industry

Although the size of South Africa’s fish farming industry has historically been negligible compared to the magnitude of this agribusiness in other parts of the world, there are now indications that aquaculture — the farming of fresh-water or salt-water marine species in controlled environments — is poised to grow significantly in this country.

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