Apex SCP traffic doors

The Apex SCP Traffic Door opens with a gentle pressure then slowly returns to the closed position. The Apex SCP Traffic Door opens with a gentle pressure then slowly returns to the closed position.

Restaurants, banquet halls, dining facilities and other food service businesses are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs without compromising on food quality. With the spiralling cost of food, continuous fuel price increases and an­nual staff salary bill growth they are forced to find creative ways to contain expenses.

Keeping food fresh and free from contam­inants is a constant challenge. Airborne pollutants as well as germs transferred from door handles during opening and closing operations can play havoc with ensuring a clean and hygienic environment. Added to the prob­lem is the aggrava­tion of maintaining a food-friendly tem­perature inside food preparation areas.

Wim Dessing, man­aging director of Apex Strip Curtains and Doors, says that the so­lution to cost contain­ment and fresh dishes is an affordable and reli­able Apex SCP Traffic Door. The double ac­tion door opens with a gentle pressure then slowly returns to the closed position, ensur­ing a hygienic and safe entry and exit for users.

In addition, the pe­rimeter gaskets and an insulated panel on these doors allow them to be used where a temperature differ­ential must be main­tained between two areas. The design of the Apex Traffic Door furthermore helps to control air, moisture, as well as dust and dirt particulate move­ment from other areas. “This is particularly important to business­es where sensitive food items such as chicken, meat, fish and dairy products depend on a cooler ambient tem­perature to prevent the introduction of patho­gens and bacteria,” Dessing points out.

While electrically, hydraulically or pneu­matically operated doors are often beyond the budget of the food preparation industry, the Apex SCP im­pact traffic door pro­vides an extremely cost effective and efficient alternative.

Further cost savings are introduced with the physical construction of the doors. The ma­terial used is selected to withstand knocks, bumps and scrapes and the hidden hinge system is engineered to provide smooth op­eration over many years of service. The hinge system allows the doors to swing in both an in­wards and outwards motion, allowing for safe and easy passage for pedestrian traffic. The mounting system used on the Apex SCP Traffic Doors is de­signed to strengthen the door jamb and is offered in a range of at­tractive materials and décor options.

“Our team works closely with customers to devise a solution that works well for their spe­cific application. We consider factors such as the location of the food preparation area and areas opening onto it. The volume of pedes­trian and other traffic such as food trolleys is also accounted for and the visibility of the doorway from front end operations is factored in to ensure comple­mentary aesthetics. The result is a double action impact traffic door that provides a superb re­turn on investment,” Dessing concludes.

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