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International Companies Seeking Out South African Expertise

With companies around the world responding to increasing cost and efficiency pressures, tapping into South African expertise is swiftly becoming a solution for international brands to get world-class results.

Kate Mederer, principal owner at Restless Brands – specialists in innovative marketing who build, reinvent and recharge brands – notes that the current exchange rate, coupled with the reputation of South Africans for being extremely hardworking, are amongst some of the factors driving the increased uptake of local skills by international organisations.

“Smaller international businesses are particularly keen to utilise the services of South Africans since they often lack the budgets available to their bigger competitors, and can benefit from both the exchange rate of the Rand relative to their currencies and the quality of local talent,” shares Mederer.  International clients that approached her were small-medium enterprises, which due to their size and small budgets, opted for South African service providers rather than those in their own countries.

“Added to this,” says Mederer, “South Africa offers a skilled talent pool. With local jobs scarce in certain professions, teaming up with international companies that recognise this gap in the market, offers a viable solution for both.”

Mederer adds that the preference for South African professionals is augmented by the fact that they are customer focused, have a natural ability to create rapport and have been raised within a service culture.

“For instance, I have fantastic suppliers who all work to the same value system as Restless Brands and are happy to go the extra mile because the work is fun, engaging and challenges us to think beyond what we have before.”

“I believe that South Africans are hungry for work, excited about working outside of our country’s borders and able to add value to global brands who have faith in our capabilities, expertise, service and delivery,” concludes Mederer.

With over 16 years of corporate experience as both a marketer and networker, Kate Mederer has worked with leading international consumer brands across the board. Visit her Restless Brands website at:

Marriott international announces brand endorsement of Protea Hotels in Africa

Marriott International announced today the rebranding of Protea Hotels to capitalize on the travel aspirations of Africa’s growing middle class and the increased presence of international hotel brands in Africa.  The rebranding includes an updated and modernized logo and the “by Marriott” endorsement.  The brand is now officially Protea Hotels by Marriott ®.

Subtech dives right into the spirit of Phakisa

In 2015, Subtech was host to a group of 13 Class 4 KZN Sharks Board Divers for a three-month period that was aimed at providing them with experiential learning across three aspects of the maritime industry – commercial diving, marine and safety. The aim of the experiential period was to provide these learners with exposure to the world of work across multiple disciplines within a learning environment.

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