Western Cape’s Robinson & Sinclair gets national listing with Walmart Sams Club, Brazil

Robinson & Sinclair stand at the Xiamen Trade Fair. Robinson & Sinclair stand at the Xiamen Trade Fair.

Following two Wesgro-led outward selling missions to Brazil in 2013, Western Cape wine exporter, Robinson & Sinclair, have managed to secure a national listing with Walmart Sams Club Brazil, worth R608 609.30, a first for the company in this market. 

“The assistance from Wesgro and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has been invaluable. In a market where establishing relationships and where trust and loyalty are essential, it is imperative to participate in outward missions as it allows for face time and an opportunity to build relationships in new markets,” says Director at Robinson & Sinclair, Tanja Robinson.

Robinson and Sinclair is the second company from the Western Cape, who have managed to secure a deal in Brazil as a result of Wesgro, the Western Cape’s Tourism, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency leading a mission to Brazil.  This follows a Walmart Sam’s Club deal worth nearly, half a million rand which was signed with another local wine exporter, Bayede earlier this year.

 “Despite non-tariff barriers to entry, complex tax structures and a limited knowledge of the capabilities of South African manufacturers and service providers, our companies are gaining ground in the Brazilian market,” says Jason Engledoe, Wesgro’s International Trade Manager.

Robinson and Sinclair currently export quality South African wines to 25 countries around the world, and with the latest opportunity exporting the finest wines from South Africa into Brazil, is an exciting prospect for the company which commenced in 2003.

“Exporting our wines to Brazil is a new venture for us and we want to successfully enter this market as pioneers. With not many South African wine brands available in Brazil, it gives us the opportunity to launch and sell our brands in a country where there is a definite interest in South African wines,” says Robinson. 

Representing 18 family owned wine estates from South Africa, Robinson and Sinclair are optimistic about their future prospects and are also looking at Brazil as a gateway to expand into the rest of South America. “Walmart will be introducing three of our brands across Brazil, which will not only increase the South African wine popularity but also market our brands amongst other importers. Our end goal is to expand into other South American markets further down the line,” she adds. 

The signed deal will see South African wines hitting Brazilian shelves within the next three months.

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