9.5% growth presents a unique opportunity to invest and build in the DRC

9.5% growth presents a unique opportunity to invest and build in the DRC

Currently one bag of cement in the DRC may cost as much as US$12 to US$15 which contributes to the country’s yearly cement consumption of a mere 16 kg per capita, the lowest in Africa. But this trend is set to change as the DRC begins to exhibit growth rates reaching over 9%. Increased economic growth is driving infrastructure development in the DRC spurring construction and infrastructure projects to roll out in line with growing confidence and trust in the country and its economy.

With a housing deficit estimated at three million homes coupled with a growing population, the DRC has an imperative need for investment into the sector. Currently the majority of housing in the DRC is developed by households themselves, but as shifting demographics and urbanisation levels rise; more developers enter the marketplace for large scale residential and commercial projects taking DRC to the cusp of its impending construction boom.

With an identified need for more construction in the DRC, current cement consumption levels will need to undertake an imperative shift in order for the country to build national capacity through residential, commercial and industrial infrastructure development.

A unique opportunity to invest and build in the DRC takes place this April during the “Executive Insider Briefing: DRC series.” This series of high level think-tank sessions will not only identify opportunities to increase local demand and application of cement to facilitate investment into the sector but also provide inside access to lucrative opportunities for local property development.

The “Executive Insider Briefing: DRC” is a series of two one-day forums aimed at driving investment into turnkey sectors in the DRC. The “Executive Insider Briefing: DRC Cement Sector” paves the way to reduce the high cost of cement in the DRC and boost demand and consumption for the material nationwide while the “Executive Insider Briefing: DRC Property Development” provides inside access to lucrative opportunities for local property development.

Supported by:

  • Fédération des Entreprises du Congo (FEC)
  • La Société des Architectes du Congo
  • The National Agency for Investment Promotion (ANAPI)
  • L’Agence Congolais des Grands Travaux (ACGT)
  • South Africa - DRC Chamber of Commerce
  • USA - Africa Chamber of Commerce

These combined forums unite international stakeholders to capitalise on new construction business opportunities arising out of increased international interest into DRC’s burgeoning cement, property, housing and real estate sectors.

Sponsored by:

  • Adam Construction
  • Bell Equipment
  • FBN Bank
  • G.E.I SARL
  • PPC Barnet DRC

These high level executive briefings will provide inside access to doing construction business in the DRC during all stages of investment and operations. The “Executive Insider Briefing: DRC series” is a unique opportunity to influence local supply and demand and determine the future of cement, concrete and construction in the DRC.

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