Corrosion prevention 'pioneers' arrive in Cape Town


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  • Experts in the development and on-site of thermal spray solutions for erosion and corrosion problems in operating spaces.

Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, USA and operating subsidiaries, affiliates, and sales offices around the world, IGS’s service includes a range of on-site and in-shop metalspray, weld overlay, and an array of ceramic coatings which it will be bringing to Oil & Gas Africa on July 11.

Teresa Huysamen, Sales Engineer from IGS said, “IGS has pioneered the development of industry-first solutions to corrosion and erosion protection within critical equipment for upstream oil and gas, petrochem and refining, mining, and power generation clientele." 

With more than 35 years operation, IGS has provided over 1 million square feet of surface protection in more 30 countries in 5 continents.

“IGS’s materials and conveyance technologies have been independently qualified by esteemed materials research departments such as Total (Pau, France), TWI (Cambridge, UK), Chevron (Richmond, CA), and Sasol (Johannesburg, South Africa), Teresa say.

The company also manages an industry technology research centre dedicated to understanding and solving customers’ metal wastage problems, improving coating and welding techniques, and evaluating material performance.

It accommodates industry sectors including:


  • Petrochem & refining
  • Fossil Power
  • Pulp & paper
  • Biomass and waste energy

    Teresa said “We want to put the IGS brand out there and we want to be associated with solutions for metal failures. When people think corrosion/erosion, they must immediately think the ‘IGS solution’.”

“We want to obtain a footprint in the rest of the African market, where we’ve had limited coverage until this point.”

  • IGS can be found at CTICC, Cape Town between 11-13 July.
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