Unique solution for gas cooling using SteamMax

According to Spraying Systems Co., SteamMax nozzles are new, high-efficiency steam nozzles that optimise gas cooling operations and provide a cost-effective solution for plants with available steam. Unlike air atomising nozzles that require compressed air, patent-pending SteamMax nozzles use steam to atomise fluids and slurries. The unique design of the nozzle ensures tight drop size control and precise, efficient gas cooling.


Air knife drying packages eliminate compressed air use in drying and blow

WindJet Air Knives – powered by energy-efficient regenerative blowers – provide excellent performance in drying and blow-off operations and eliminate the need for costly compressed air. According to the team at Spraying Systems Co., operating costs can be reduced by as much as 95% when the packages are used in a wide range of operations, including debris and dust blow-off, removal of excess water and moving products.


UL certified fixed fire nozzles

Spraying Systems Co. a leader in spray technology has been active in southern Africa for over 50 years. It offers a wide range of spray nozzles for fire protection applications with certifications from Underwriters Laboratories, Factory Mutual, Bureau Varitas and American Bureau of Shipping.


AutoJet lubrication systems

Due to its long-standing worldwide experience in spray nozzle and spray control technology, Spraying Systems Co. know how important it is - especially today - to reduce production costs. The company assures that its worldwide leadership in spray technology can help you operate more efficiently and save money.


AccuCoat MV10 heated spray system

THE AccuCoat MV10 Heated Spray System is an entry-level production system for the application of viscous coatings. The system provides closed-loop temperature control up to 200°F to reduce liquid viscosity and ensure consistent spray performance for coatings up to 250cP.

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