Coveted ISO 9001 certification provides assurance for Kelmeg Lifting Services clients

Coveted ISO 9001 certification provides assurance for Kelmeg Lifting Services clients

CONSIDERED the Gold Standard of quality management systems, ISO 9001 certification provides customers with the assurance that the product they are purchasing is benchmarked to the highest international quality levels. 

Companies aspiring to achieve this coveted accolade need to have complete buy-in from management and employees to ensure a successful outcome. 

Southern African supplier of welding and construction-related equipment, Renttech South Africa (Pty) Ltd, believes that all products manufactured under its auspices should be ISO 9001-compliant. In May 2012, Kelmeg Lifting Services (KLS,) a division within Renttech South Africa, was awarded the highly sought-after ISO 9001 2008 quality rating for its range of lifting accessories. 

“Renttech South Africa acquired KLS in April 2011 and we have had a very positive response to the levels of professionalism and expertise exhibited by the company in the marketplace. KLS’s polyester slings  web slings, endless round polyester slings, steel wire slings, chain blocks and cargo securing straps are manufactured to SANS 94.1 2003, SANS 94.2 2003, EN 1492.1 and EN1492.2 standards,” says Gerrit van Zyl, Managing Director of Renttech South Africa.

KLS, which employs 25 people, has an established local and international client base in the mining, engineering, power generation, petrochemical, transportation and recreational sectors. “The factory uses approximately 50 tons of flat web and filler yarn on a monthly basis to produce the slings. The largest sling manufactured by KLS to date was a 200-ton endless round sling and the longest sling to date was 150 m long,” Rodney Young, Factory Manager at KLS explains.

“KLS has always been focused on quality manufacturing. The intended end purpose of our products requires that the manufacturing processes focus on safety at all costs. The first step in ensuring only the highest standards, is the use of uncompromising materials of construction. All flat web and filler yarn is imported from accredited international companies. In addition, the entire range of manufactured products is regularly tested and verified by the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research,) which acts as an independent third-party inspector,” Young points out. 

“The natural second step in the quality process was our ISO 9001 certification. We began the compliance process eight months prior to the actual certification, by employing consultants to help point out those areas that needed to be addressed,” says Young.

“We conducted a complete audit of our existing documentation and processes, then verified where we could improve on and standardise our systems. By adopting a process-driven approach and maintaining a close and collaborative relationship with all stakeholders, we were able to compile an extensive and comprehensive business systems manual,” Young elaborates.

ISO 9001 certification demonstrates a company’s compliance with strictly defined and predetermined protocols. “By achieving ISO 9001 compliance, we are able to meet both client and regulatory standards and regulations with ease. However, we are cognisant that effort and input does not end once the ISO 9001 certification is received. In order to retain this accreditation and continue to provide the guarantee of a consistent supply of globally-acceptable products, KLS will continue to implement constant monitoring and upgrading of all its manufacturing systems,” Young adds.

“KLS’ ISO 9001 2008 compliance certification provides its clients with the confidence that the company’s products and manufacturing systems have been audited by a reputable independent third-party organisation. The compliance ensures consistency of processes and products and, furthermore, provides all stakeholders with an audit trail for complete accountability,” Van Zyl concludes.

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