ESAB Elite Optiflow doubles gas economy

ESAB Elite Optiflow doubles gas economy

ESAB has introduced a step-change innovation in shielding gas economy with the introduction of the new Elite Optiflow regulator which saves up to 50% of gas used for qualified shielding gas welding.

Elite OptiflowTM was designed from the start to save gas and represents an investment that is amortised by the purchaser in less than six months, with the savings accruing thereafter. The secret of the new regulator is its twostage reduction valve design which addresses the Achilles heels of traditional regulators – excessive gas flow at start up. Elite OptiflowTM has an optimum start flow that is only a quarter of a traditional regulator, from the moment it is used, enabling the operator to produce up to double the number of welds with the same quantity of gas used by a traditional regulator.

The extremely pressure-sensitivesecond stage greatly reduces the gas surge that usually occurs during start up, an important consideration in terms of cost containment because shielding gas charges are almost as much per metre of weld as wire. An even start also provides for a higherquality weld since the turbulence that can disturb the welding process is minimised and the risk of weld porosity is diminished.

Elite Optiflow is also available in a lockable version for exact gas flow, a real advantage if you want to ensure the highest and most even weld quality.

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