ACDC Dynamics is proud to introduce a new plug-in automatic PFC systems

ACDC Dynamics is proud to introduce a new plug-in automatic PFC systems

WITH the growing demand in the area of energy management and monitoring, ACDC’s VMP and VMPC PFC range features three-phase monitoring and both single and three phase compensation. This enables users the ability to determine precise compensation.

On the technical side, 3 C.T’s are required to be installed with this monitoring system and ACDC recommends that Class 0.5 C.T’s are utilised for accurate compensation and measurement. The VMPC range comes standard with a GEM-10, Ethernet, MODBUS and GPRS Gateway, which will address any communication interface requirements. 

Among the standard requirements from a controller, the Entes RGS-12 controller measures Active Energy (kWh,) Reactive Energy (kVArh) and has Energy ratio alarms. It measures and displays THDI, THDV (Total Harmonic Distortion) for current and voltage up to 19th level with adjustable THDV alarm levels. Despite all the extra functions the controller is easy to set up, requiring no extra programming in auto set up mode.

The company has launched a web-based page, where all parameters, measurements and alarms are recorded and monitored. The new software can be custom made to suite your personal requirements. Monthly utility consumption, bills and various other power quality reports can be generated with ease, assisting in managing of the incoming supply quality, consumption and PFC unit. 

The company prides itself in our cabinet design, which boasts top and bottom cable entry, making installation easy. ACDC’s Modular system allows for quick and easily removal of the capacitor in less than a minute, it’s that simple. 

If extra compensation is required, the company’s modular rack in system, allows for extra racks or higher kVAr racks to be installed. These unique modular cabinets can be bolted up against each other in the event that the load demand increases. All that’s required is interconnection and adjustments to the controller’s set points. The design further incorporates MCC rack design, which utilizes superior 160A 110kA plug-in connectors. 

An automatic generator cut off auxiliary switch, is located as either a Cos Ø2 setting or an input signal from the generator (30-265V AC/DC.) 

The adjustable temperature controlled cooling fan’s location and ventilation design, extracts the air across the capacitors and contactors thus assisting with the heat transfer out of the cabinet. 

A truly innovative solution. 

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