Voltex LSis - leading technological advancement

Voltex LSis -  leading technological  advancement

TECHNOLOGY has grown exponentially over the last two decades, and companies are trying their best to stay abreast with the constant changes and improvements.

One company, leading this transition of technological advancement, is LS Industry Systems (LSis) previously known as LG Industry Systems.

By uniting technology with current product offering and new management styles, the holistic solution to this growth in technology can be managed effectively — and leading this transition is LSis, whose new business focus has extended to include and implement Six Sigma management programmes. LSis is distributed nationwide in South Africa through Voltex, a proud member of the Bidvest group Ltd. 

“LSis will continue to lead the future in Industrial electrics and automation,” avers Gary Paterson of Voltex LSis.

Companies with this approach, such as Voltex LSis, are better equipped to provide products of higher quality.

“Our goal,” says Paterson “is ‘zero-defect’ so that our products are manufactured with the highest quality and at reasonable prices.”

However, not all companies ensure product reliability and compatibility with this advancing industry — that’s why LSis, through its unique product test evaluations, is able to secure its commitment to quality.  Furthermore, by having internationally-recognised testing evaluations, customers are assured of product superiority and control.

A supply of stable electrical power to industrial, commercial and residential facilities is essential to efficient business operation as well as general living — by incorporating the LSis offering of a full range of equipment and systems from low to high voltage needs, the optimal solution to today’s electrical needs will be met appropriately.

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