Sales of unique new SMOOTHFLO gas pressure regulator exceed all expectations

Sales of unique new SMOOTHFLO gas pressure regulator exceed all expectations

Sales of Afrox’s recently introduced SMOOTHFLO gas pressure regulator have exceeded all expectations following its July 2013 launch in Gauteng.

The innovative new regulator is being hailed as the most technologically advanced and engineered gas pressure regulator in the global industrial market.

“We’ve received orders for the SMOOTHFLO gas pressure regulator from the day of the launch and we’re still being inundated with queries about it, primarily from the fabrication and mining sectors,” says Nazmi Adams, head of the company’s Hardgoods division. “As soon as industry representatives saw the SMOOTHFLO on display at the Gauteng launch they understood the many advantages this new generation regulator could offer their businesses.

“This is the first locally manufactured regulator of its kind and its success out of the starting blocks proves that Afrox understands the local markets and their specific requirements.

“Safety drives sales of gas equipment in today’s market and the added safety benefits that this regulator brings to the workplace have attracted immense interest, particularly from our key customers who regard safety as paramount.”

Safety was a key driver in designing this new all-South African product, making the easy-to-operate SMOOTHFLO one of the safest gas regulators in its class. The break-off inlet stem is designed to ensure that should a cylinder and regulator be accidently impacted by a fall, the high performing excess-flow valve will automatically safely seal off gas discharge from the cylinder into the atmosphere.

Other safety features include a piston-embedded safety valve that eliminates the need for a diaphragm. Piston-driven technology produces excellent pressure stability at higher flow rates, which allows an operator to achieve greater gas cutting speeds. The ability to go from zero to maximum operating pressure in just three turns reduces the amount of set-up time required.

“Although the piston technology has been around for some time, Afrox has perfected it by completely eliminating the need for a diaphragm,” Adams comments.

The patented SMOOTHFLO concept of embedded pressure gauges protects the gauges from damage in the industrial working environment, while a unique gauge design reduces possibility of damage to the lenses.

The new SMOOTHFLO gas pressure regulator, sold with a five-year warranty, represents years of research and development and significant investment on the part of Afrox. It is ISO 2503 and AS 4267 certified and its patented design has been oxygen ignition tested and promoted oxygen ignition tested by international inspection body Apragaz. Product certification to these standards was witnessed by TÜV Rheinland SA.

The SMOOTHFLO regulator will now be rolled out countrywide, with official launches in the country’s major centres. 

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