Konecranes South Africa uses worldwide experience for new service initiative

Konecranes service book. Konecranes service book.

KONECRANES Southern Africa has upped the level in the crane service industry by introducing a new Service Procedure and a new Service Manual for all makes of cranes and hoists.

The aim is to reduce customers’ operating costs of running cranes and hoists by reducing breakdowns and increasing the availability, safety and efficiency of operation.

“We have drawn up this brand new Service Manual based on the experience of 607 Konecranes service branches worldwide, working with over 420,000 cranes under service contracts - with over 1.4 million service calls annually worldwide”, said John MacDonald, Service, Sales and Marketing Director of Konecranes Southern Africa.  

Konecranes Service experts will inspect and service the equipment and revert to the customer with a full report and recommendations within the parameter of the new Manual.

Each crane and hoist has its own Service Manual, which the customer retains.

In addition to the Service Agreement, Konecranes also offers two unique inspection tools: RopeQ, which checks the state of the inside and the outside of the wire ropes and the ‘RailQ’ Runway Survey, which is an advanced survey technique that uses a remote controlled robot trolley along the runway of the crane.

Another innovation unique to Konecranes is the Truconnect Remote Monitoring that allows customers to check on the performance of the cranes on their own computer through online access to a special Konecranes report-back system. Truconnect is available for all makes of cranes and hoists.

The new Service Manual initiative checks the effectiveness of the procedure, records the servicing details and necessary repairs, ensuring that preventative maintenance is done. This results in a significant decrease in maintenance costs and an increase in availability and safety of the cranes and hoists as well as increased production capacity. 

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