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The high-performance Hyster RS 45-31 CH reach stacker is able to stack 45 tons in the first row and 31 tons in the second row. The high-performance Hyster RS 45-31 CH reach stacker is able to stack 45 tons in the first row and 31 tons in the second row.

Building on a market share of over 50% in the local empty container handler market, Southern African Hyster dealer, Barloworld Handling, is geared to achieve similar growth with its Hyster reach stackers.

“Hyster big trucks are known for their reliability in arduous applications and for providing a low total cost of ownership in a range of industries,” says Gerhard van Niekerk, big truck sales manager at Barloworld Handling. “This is particularly important for high-value assets, required to operate in intense 24/7 operations.”

“Designed for allround efficiency, Hyster reach stackers offer a blend of productivity, reliability, fuel economy and driver comfort,” says Van Niekerk. Hyster reach stackers are in use at container yards, shipping companies running their own container operations, transport companies using reach stackers to reduce the turnaround time of trucks, and in the handling of abnormal-size loads such as boilers, tanks and earthmoving equipment components.

“Acquisition of a reach stacker is the biggest single capital outlay many of these companies make. It isthereforedoublyimportant toensure that a reach stacker is what’s required for your application and that the model will meet both your short-and longterm requirements,” says Van Niekerk. Barloworld Handling undertakes site-application surveys before recommending any equipment. “For example, if no second-row stacking is required, we would advise acquisition of a top handler instead of a reach stacker.”

In South Africa, the average six metre container weighs 30tons including the weight of the container. “If a reach stacker is unable to stack your heaviest container on site in the second row, you have probably bought an underspecified machine,” says Van Niekerk. “While machine tonnage may be specified at 45 tons, this may have no bearing on second-row stacking capabilities.”

Barloworld Handling predominantly supplies the Hyster RS 45-31 CH reach stacker. This machine is able to stack 45tons in the first rowand 31tons in the second row. However, Hyster also has machines that can stack 46tons in the first row and 41tons in the second row, should additional capacity be required. Hyster reach stackers are powered by robust, fuel-efficient Cummins engines, and performance-optimisation features further lower fuel consumption in most applications. These include power on demand, load-sensing hydraulics and engine idling speed and RPM management

“We have local data showing the Hyster RS 45-31 CHusing as little as 15 litres of fuel per hour, stacking 30tons containers five-high, and this at a rate of 18 containers per machine hour,” says Van Niekerk.

The hydraulically operated sliding Vista Cab ensures outstanding comfort and all-round visibility for the driver in the toughest applications and extreme weather conditions. Other features and benefits include built-in engine and transmission protection, a heavy-duty boom design, and excellent manoeuvrability and handling speeds with no loss of power at full capacity for demanding loads. Hyster big trucks has the best resale value in the industry, ensuring further returns on your investment, says Van Niekerk. This high resale value is closely linked to the availability of parts for Hyster big trucks, including the older machine models. Barloworld Handling’s aftersales infrastructure is geared to ensure maximum uptime, with a national customer support centre and a countrywide network of experienced technicians.

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