Specialist rail clips

Gantrail, has been designed specifically for crane rail fastening applications. Gantrail, has been designed specifically for crane rail fastening applications.

A crane rail fastening system that distributes crane loading and extends the life of supporting structures is being imported by specialised engineering company Horne.

The system, Gantrail, has been designed specifically for crane rail fastening applications in automated warehouses, power stations, airports, wastewater treatment works, ports, harbours and container handling depots.

At the system’s heart is a self-locking, adjustable, crane rail fixing clip.  Two clip designs, bolted and welded, are both designed to precisely align and securely fix the rails, and accommodate the very high forces applied to them by traversing cranes.

An elastomer nose in each clip applies a controlled force to the rail to restrain excessive movement.

Size for size, welded clips deliver a stronger installation than the bolted type, but bolted clips are often more convenient.  The choice between the two is often based on industry practice and preference.  Bolted clips are more economical, but are rated significantly lower on load carrying capacity.

Qualified, experienced staff at Horne supply advice on the correct type and size of clip to fit the supporting structure and the rail itself, and to manage horizontal forces.

The clips are usually soft-mounted on crane rail pads, another product from the Gantrail family.  These allow the rail to move and rotate by small amounts, ensuring a more even stress distribution between the crane wheel and the rail, and also between the rail and the surface on which it is fixed.

Soft-mounted rails reduce noise levels and vibration, and compensate for any uneven surfaces in the rail or steel support, distributing the wheel load over a larger area.

The pads are supplied at just under the width of the rail so that the adjustable Gantrail clips can tightly grip the rail foot, and there are different pad types for continuously supported and discontinuously supported rails.

Horne is the sole authorised distributor for the Gantrail product range in South Africa.

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