The Eqstra synergy

The Eqstra synergy

WHEN 600SA were presented with the challenge of obtaining a crane which could be accommodated on a truck with a drop side body for MCC Mining and Construction in Namibia, the Eqstra synergy came in to play.

Based on MCC’s specifications that the crane should be suitable for operation within a mining environment, 600SA identified their Fassi F155A crane with remote control as the ideal solution.

The Fassi crane has a unique steel casting base complete with the main structural components of the crane manufactured from Domex Steel resulting in a light robust product fit for the tough conditions of Africa`s mines. The FASSI F155A will lift 6,310kg`s at 2.15m and a maximum horizontal reach of 6.20m lifting 2335kg`s complete with a 390 degree rotation angle. All of these specifications fitted the MCC requirements.

Robbie Weir National Sales Manager for  600SAcommented “600SA has a considerable footprint in Southern Africa with a presence in Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe to name a few and has national representation within South Africa. The imported Fassi truck mounted cranes range from 1-137 ton meter making them suitable for transporting rubble, bricks and machine moving. Rigging is also an option due to the wide range of cranes available”.

Being at the right place at the right time is what secured the sale for 600SA and having the backing of Eqstra Fleet Services who financed the sale, ensured the entire process was maintained through the Eqstra Group channels.

Eqstra Fleet Services, 600SA and MCC Mining and Construction are part of Eqstra Group Holdings. 600SA joined the Eqstra stable in 2012 and are the distributors not only for Fassi Cranes, but also Usimeca Refuse Handling Equipment; Tam Roll On Roll Off; Tam Skiploaders, Bucher Schoerling Road Sweepers; Penz Forward Loaders; Cranab Forward Loaders; Altec Insulated Aerial Platforms and Socage Non-Insulated Aerial Platforms.

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