TWP specifies Condra for Kibali

Kibali’s 20/5-ton crane under test at Condra’s factory. Kibali’s 20/5-ton crane under test at Condra’s factory.

CONDRA has delivered the first four of five overhead travelling cranes ordered by consulting engineers TWP for the Kibali gold mine, Democratic Republic of Congo.

The double-girder machines, all with full-length walkways, comprise two 10-ton cranes, one 40-tonner, a 20-ton unit with 5-ton auxiliary hoist, and one 10,5-ton headgear unit with a 68 metre lift height.

Condra will complete manufacture of all cranes by the end of April, an eleven-week production timeframe made possible by the company’s in-house design and manufacturing capabilities which allow comparatively rapid execution of large, customised orders.

Condra’s customer, consulting engineers TWP, are project managers for development of the Kibali mine, which is located in the Moto goldfields in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s northeastern region.

A reserve base of at least 10 million ounces will make Kibali one of Africa’s largest gold mines when commissioning takes place at the end of 2013. 

The mine’s first crane from Condra, a 40-ton maintenance machine shipped in March, encountered difficulties during road transportation because of the length and size of the box girders.

As a result, Condra designed subsequent cranes with spliced girders to enable disassembly, containerisation, shipping without the need for steerable dollies, and reassembly on site.

Noteworthy among the Kibali cranes is the headgear unit, which is one of several high lift Condra machines in production for TWP projects across Africa.

Condra, widely acknowledged as a world leader in the high-lift market, has previously manufactured and installed high-lift cranes of up to 158 metres.

The company has this year been invited by a Russian project house to tender on an auxiliary crane with a lift height of 500 metres – a full one-half kilometre.

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