Game-changing machine operation with smart phone convenience

Schleicher Electronic’s ProNumeric OP 50 M. Schleicher Electronic’s ProNumeric OP 50 M.

GERMAN controls and automation technology company, Schleicher Electronic, say it is revolutionizing the operation of machine tools, handling devices and industrial robots with the ProNumeric OP 50 M hand-held operating device, enabling machines to be controlled with smart-phone convenience. 

“We are excited about being able to offer this game-changing operating device to our customers,” says Karin Visser, MD of Johannesburg-based Anglo Allied Engineering, the sole supplier of Schleicher control devices in South Africa.

The large touch display of the device visualizes the individual user interface, which is communicated by the device controller via a web browser. Traditional operating elements, such as the high-resolution hand-wheel, that eases real-time interaction between the operator and the controller, are provided at the same time. Best of all, and unique at that, compared to conventional operating devices, the ProNumeric OP 50 M not only enables optimized handling, but also supports problem-free interfacing with the leading machine networks EtherCAT and sercos III. A ProfiNet version is currently in the planning stage.

The device was equipped with an integrated web browser to make it possible to disconnect the ProNumeric OP 50 M during operation from one machine and to reconnect it to another. It is therefore possible to program an individual user interface with all standard visualization functions. The visualization project is not stored on the hand-held device, but on the mass storage device of each controller. The user interface can therefore be called up immediately once a new controller has been connected. Problem-free updates - and even remote services - are therefore possible.

Tasks that previously required cumbersome input into a computer can now be performed with the

ProNumeric OP 50 M, which places all functions required for fast parameterization on site into the hands of the person adjusting the machine. Operation of the resistive touch-screen operating panel is possible even with protective gloves. 

High priority has been given to the safety of the machine operator, as is the case with all Schleicher operating devices. The ProNumeric OP 50 M has a dual-channel emergency stop button (certified in accordance to DIN 60204,) which is connected to the gateway by a safety-orientated wire link. The tried and tested housing consists of rugged and slip-proof material.

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