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High resolution for small part measurement

Leuze LPS 36 HI.EN line profile sensor. Leuze LPS 36 HI.EN line profile sensor.

THE Leuze LPS 36 light section sensor, available from Countapulse Controls, now offers resolution up to 0.1mm making these units ideally suited for the measurement of small parts.

Capable of operating in applications with height intervals from 200mm to 600mm, the Leuze LPS 36 HI.EN line profile sensor can detect parts that are smaller than 3mm. For example, on a line 140mm in length this high performance sensor can quickly and precisely ascertain the dimensions of small parts in a very short measurement time of 10ms and with a high measurement rate of 100Hz, and this at a high resolution of 0.1 to 0.9mm. 

The transmission of the measurement data as well as the configuration of the sensor is done via Ethernet further enhancing the flexiblility of application. An additional connection for standard incremental encoders supports the creation of calibrated 3D data. 

This makes these sensors excellent devices for creating solutions for robot controls in pick and place applications, as well as for positioning tasks in packaging and assembly areas. 

Elaborate sensor solutions, sensor combinations or additional evaluation units are no longer necessary as the Leuze LPS 36 HI.EN light section sensors open up fields of applications, due to the high resolution and operating performance parameters. Previously this level of resolution was reserved only for camera systems.

In addition to all this, the Leuze light section sensors are extremely compact in construction, with the transmitter and receiver housed in an easy-to-install unit. 

The robust construction of the sensors allows reliable sensing in harsh operating conditions.

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