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Simultaneous geometry and position data sensor

 Leuze LES 36 Leuze LES 36

“In Countapulse Control’s 30 years in business, it has managed to create a sustainable business model by anticipating and exceeding market demands,” says the company. An example of this is its longstanding relationship with Leuze, which has resulted in it bringing a number of firsts into the South African market.

The Leuze LES 36 two-in-one sensor is a classic example of providing a fit-for-purpose product.

Previously, two sensor pairs and complex software programming were necessary to measure an object’s height, width and position. The Leuze LES 36 allows users to simultaneously perform these measurements in one unit.

Instead of using individual light spots, the Leuze LES 36 projects a light beam using laser line lighting. Both the laser and the receiver are housed in a compact, easy to install unit.

The sensor offers an exceptionally large measurement range of objects that are up to 800mm deep and 600mm wide. Four measurement windows and 16 predefined, freely configurable inspection tasks facilitate flexible customisation to the application at hand, without the need for complicated programming.

The pre-processed millimetre measurement values are then delivered via Ethernet, Profibus or an analogue interface.

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