Super flexible load rack control platform now in SA

Toptech’s multi-featured Multi-Load II Load Rack Control Platform Toptech’s multi-featured Multi-Load II Load Rack Control Platform

THE Soliflo Group has been awarded the agency in South Africa for the MultiLoad II offering from US company Toptech Systems’, a company specializing in terminal automation software and hardware product solutions, according to Soliflo director Phil Dawson.

“While ‘innovative’ is a word oft bandied about, it certainly applies to Toptech’s multi-featured Multi-Load II Load Rack Control Platform, undoubtedly one of the most flexible and powerful systems I have encountered in my years in this industry,” he says.

The MultiLoad II product suite is designed to be modular and scalable, to fit the needs of virtually any loading operation. It was designed to improve the traditional preset model by offering a number of key benefits including ease-of-use, powerful stand-alone operation, seamless integration with automation systems, near limitless scalability while boasting powerful features.

These include:

  • Control of up to 12 loading arms
  • Up to 5m and 16 additives per arm
  • Internal I.O options scaled for 1 - 2 arm applications
  • Wireless communication options
  • Multi-lingual inter-face
  • Colour display
  • Alphanumeric keypad options
  • Integrated card reader options
  • Powerful stand-alone operation (x-head) Flexible product options

MultiLoad II can be equipped with one of two internal input.output (I.O) boards and.or utilize external I.O flow control modules (FCMs) to address the I.O control needs of the application. In addition, the MultiLoad II Platform is available in a range of both Division 1 & 2 enclosures.

MultiLoad revolutionized the industry as the first truly scalable preset. To accomplish this, Flow Control Modules (FCMs) are mounted in an external enclosure, which is distinct and separate from the preset interface (MultiLoad II RCU.) The FCM enclosure houses all the FCM modules required for a particular loading bay.

Each module contains its own microprocessor, so MultiLoad never becomes overburdened as it is required to address more complex loading scenarios. If input.output (I.O) needs increase, such as introducing another product meter or additive, one or more FCMs can be snapped into the enclosure for simple and cost-effective upgrades.

FCM II is offered in six different variants and when utilized FCM II modules handle all interfacing between MultiLoad II and load rack hardware, such as meters, pumps, valves and additive injectors.

“The MultiLoad II Load Rack Control Platform is a worthy addition to Soliflo’s extensive product range and we are very excited to be taking it to market in southern and eastern Africa,” concludes Dawson.

The Soliflo Group was re-established in South Africa in (1984.2004,) its focus to provide a comprehensive range of safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly liquid control and fluid transfer solutions in addition to leading brand equipment for road, rail and marine tanker loading and offloading facilities.

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