Who SEZ it’ll work?

The South African government has bet much of its economic growth on its Special Economic Zones (SEZs.) These precincts have been rolled out with varying levels of success across the world, offering lessons on successful and failed SEZ policies. China’s SEZs have largely been a success and it credits around 10% of its exponential growth in the last decade to these zones, whereas India’s SEZs are more than half empty and seen as havens for tax dodging tech companies. So what’s the difference and what can they teach us?


All fired up

THE new owners of engine casting powerhouse Atlantis Foundries (AF) endured a warm reception last month after receiving the keys to the Atlantis-based production plant. Instead of taking over a humming production facility on July 1, Neue Halberg-Guss (NHG) found the AF plant incapacitated and badly damaged after a freak fire a few days earlier.


Atlantis re-discovered

The ownership of well known automotive business Atlantis Foundries has changed hands. The engine casings manufacturer – which was initially known as Atlantis Diesel Engines – recently informed staff at the Atlantis-based plant that ownership had passed from long-time backer Daimler to German automotive components maker Neue Halburg-Guss (NHG.)


Cape oil and gas sector to drive economic growth

In his address for the Department of Economic Development and Tourism 2015/16 budget vote yesterday afternoon, Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities elaborated on the growth initiatives for, amongst others, the oil and gas sector. Under the umbrella of Project Khulisa (Project “Nurture”) Winde says that the Western Cape Government aims to deliver over 200,000 jobs – under a high growth scenario – 60,000 of which will come from the oil and gas sector.

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