Property development and management

As the commercial property market in South Africa matures and is pulled in line with global best practice so too does the need for practical real estate solutions to optimise not only your spend but also efficiencies within the space that you operate your business.


SA’s economic future is by no means sealed

When the newness of the year wears off, focus and talks about growing the economy, labour participation and jobs will begin to gather pace. Evidence from the world’s developed economies (US president-elect Donald Trump’s campaign was all about bringing jobs back into the American economy), tells us this is where developing economies must focus if they want to reduce poverty. South Africa is among those nations.


Train and develop your team for competitive edge

In the fluid business landscape, training and development is essential. Business leaders need to recognise the value in employee training and development – it might be seen as time-consuming or costly at first, but it ultimately builds a more engaged, competitive and productive workforce.

Training allows employees to acquire new skills, sharpen existing ones, increase productivity and grow into leaders. Companies are built on the success and abilities of their employees – both individually and collectively. Which is why forward-thinking businesses should do everything in their power to ensure they perform at their peak. Here’s why training and developing employees is a must:

Performance improvement

It goes without saying an employee who receives the necessary training is better equipped to perform their necessary functions. They become aware of basic organisational practices, procedures and role responsibilities. This builds confidence because they gain a clearer understanding of their environment and exactly what’s expected of them. It also allows them to put structured goals in place – and gives them the tools to actively pursue them. 

Address weaknesses

A training program gives employees the insight they need to strengthen skills that need improvement. This can go a long way in quickly shining a light on weak links in an organisation who rely on others to complete tasks. Everyone should have the knowledge to take over for another team member when needed – and work independently without supervision.

Employee satisfaction

Employees who are given training and development by their employer have a significant advantage over employees who are left to seek training in their own time, with their own money. 

Investment in training shows employees they’re valued – it creates a supportive workplace. Employees who feel appreciated and challenged through training opportunities also generally have more job satisfaction – and are likely to stay with a company for a longer period of time. This minimises staff turnover and boosts morale.

How to get it right

The biggest challenge in training and developing a team is understanding. As a manager, you need to understand and appreciate every individual’s skill sets and do your best to tailor training processes for the individual (as far as possible). 

It’s also about clear communication and training on how best to work as a unit – what’s the purpose of the team and the common objective? Teams disagree but need to be able to work together to achieve goals. It gives the team a strategic top-level view of what’s happening – so they’re not just relegated to the trenches.

Training expands the knowledge of all employees and nurtures confident, happy people. It provides both the company as a whole – and employees – with benefits that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment.

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Factors that enhance greater Cape Town area’s future economic development

South Africa’s 2nd most populous city, Cape Town has repeatedly been selected as the world’s most attractive tourist destination. Cape Town’s natural beauty includes the scenic Table Mountain, Victoria and Albert waterfront development, the close proximity to the vineyards at Paarl and Stellenbosch, Kirstenbosch Gardens and Caledon Gardens. There is much undeveloped potential that could be developed in the future to make the Cape Town area even more appealing to tourists. Cape Town is also served by a major seaport and a world class international airport. Railway links connect the Greater Cape Town area to numerous mining resources.


ContiTech’s new generation coal conveyor belt

ContiTech South Africa has designed, manufactured and installed a new generation Solid Woven conveyor belt, Coal Flo, for use in underground coal mining applications.

  • Total solution provided to customer
  • Coal Flo Solid Woven Belt to convey in excess of 25 million tons
  • Adheres to SANS 968:2013 specification
  • Substantial reduction in total cost of ownership for client
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