Vital Engineering and Angus Mcleod

Vital Engineering and Angus Mcleod

VITAL Engineering and Angus McLeod is a diversified engineering company specialising in the manufacturer of steel and fibreglass gratings, stair treads, pressed floors and safety handrails.

Under its brand names of Vitagrid and Maclock, Vital Engineering supplies power plants, petrochemical plants, materials handling projects, mining, process plants, food and beverage factories, ports, harbours, bulk materials handling stations and factories, conveyors, container cranes, ship chandlers, fishing industries, architectural and commercial properties as well as most facets of the civil and structural engineering industries.

Established in 1939, Vital Engineering is based in Boksburg, with offices in Cape Town and Durban.  The company’s Gauteng operations occupy an area of 40,000m2, of which fabrication, loading and overhead crane facilities cover an area of 25,000m2. Its coastal operations consist of a combined total area of approximately 8,000m2.

Vital Engineering’s serrated gratings are used extensively in many large local and African mining, power generation and petrochemical projects. The company’s reputation for quality and versatility has resulted in the awarding of a number of overseas, serrated grating supply contracts in recent years.  Among these are a 400-ton export order for Chiyoda in Saudi Arabia and a 300-ton serrated grating order for the Kap Shui Min Bridge in Hong Kong, which links Lantau Island to the new Chep Lap Kok airport.  In addition, the company has done successful projects for Richards Bay Coal Terminal as well as Transnet Ports Authority (TNPA) container cranes, trenches and port warehousing.

Vital Engineering custom-designs its products to suit individual client needs, while ensuring that they comply with the most stringent occupational health and safety regulations. Only the highest-grade steel is utilised in the manufacture of Vital Engineering offerings, and over the past 73 years, the company has invested extensive capital and resources in developing a proven range of quality gratings that are durable, corrosion resistant, aesthetically pleasing and geared towards reducing underfoot, pedestrian accidents.  New products are also regularly added to ensure that the quality expectations and application requirements of customers are consistently met.

Vital Engineering proudly holds an ISO 9001 certification for its design and manufacturing processes.  The company also holds the international ENISO 9000 design rating and certification. As a result of its strict material control and use of 350WA material, as well as certified stainless steels, fibre glass materials and aluminium, Vital Engineering is able to offer lighter and more cost-effective gratings and stair treads to meet load requirements, but without jeopardising worker safety.

A variety of products and materials for numerous applications are readily available, when either costs or corrosion are factors. The range includes bitumen dipped, galvanised (610g.m2) and mild steel. Other grades of materials such as SS304, SS316, structural grade aluminium and 3CR12 can also be manufactured.

Fiberglass gratings, stair treads, handrails and sections are becoming extremely popular in high corrosion areas such as offshore platforms, jetties, marine environments, architectural features, petrochemical and processing plants due to their durability, extended maintenance cycles, lightness and ability to withstand UV (ultraviolet light,) chemical and fire assault within defined international codes. 

The company is intensely proud of its product range, demand for which has grown extensively in South Africa and overseas over the past 30 years, testifying to the quality thereof and the increasing awareness of occupational safety issues among global organisations. 

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