Advantages of virtual pipelines and better economics

CNG - Compressed Natural Gas - [] CNG - Compressed Natural Gas - []

The supply of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) via a Virtual Pipeline was pioneered by Virtual Gas Network (Pty) Ltd (VGN) more than five years ago. The innovative fixed-trailer transport system enables VGN to distribute Compressed Natural Gas safely and economically to refueling stations, power generation systems, gas distribution networks and industrial and commercial customers who have no access to existing gas pipelines.

According to the company, CNG is a safer, cheaper and more efficient energy alternative to LPG, paraffin and diesel.

“It is also a clean renewable energy source that can significantly reduce carbon emissions. Switching to CNG offers the industrial sector better economical control over business operations thanks to stable pricing, more consistent quality-to-energy content. It also offers more economical use of space because the compression, storage and dispensing system takes up less space, particularly in comparison to conventional coal bunkers.”

The advantage of introducing a Virtual Pipeline is the access it creates to CNG.

“It negates the need for customers to be on any national gas grids and offers a consistent, reliable supply to anneco-friendly energy source.”

No capital outlay is required because customers can lease the gas supply equipment, which is installed and provided at no direct cost to customers, and customers only pay for the CNG used. VGN have also built in extra features into their CNG infrastructure to ensure spare capacity and redundancy of supply and higher safety measures such as gas sensors and automatic shutdown systems. This fixed-trailer transport system is specifically designed to provide solutions for customers who are remotely situated from existing gas pipelines, large industrial and commercial customers within a 300km radius from a compression status and smaller customers that form part of a larger distribution network.

“By utilising CNG, industrial plants can operate on a consistent energy supply, reduce losses due to fuel-source theft, improve safety, as well as increase the life-span of equipment and reduce maintenance and operating costs.”

This energy source has been tried and tested internationally and through the innovative fixed-trailer transport system of Virtual Gas Network (Pty) Ltd (VGN), industrial customers who are not on existing gas pipelines now have access to the benefits of CNG via a Virtual Gas Distribution Network.

The International Energy Agency has predicted that natural gas will constitute 25% of the global energy mix by 2035, surpassing coal. The Draft Carbon Tax Bill forms an integral part of the government's plan to implement policy around climate change and South Africa is committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 42% by 2025.

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