Cutino Bros. grows

Cutino Bros. grows

WHAT makes South African businesses stand out? Guts - because when the going gets tough, South African businesses get going – and precision and general engineering company Cutino Bros. Engineering (Pty) Ltd. is no exception. While economists and politicians have been bemoaning the state of the economy, PMIs and fluctuating oil prices, this second generation family business has been expanding. CBN spoke to Contracts Manager Toni Cutino recently to hear about these investments.

Cutino points to the investment and focus on the local oil and gas industries as one of the main reasons the company has increased its capacity.

“With government’s Operation Phakisa rolling out, centered around our local ports – both in Cape Town and in Saldanha Bay – we decided we had to use our geographic advantage. We are conveniently placed to support any oil and gas project that come in, and now have the capacity to do even larger machining projects.”

The family has been offering machining services in the Western Cape since 1984, supplying precision machining workshop services and steel fabrications to the paper and packaging, offshore oil and gas and general construction and manufacturing sectors. 

Cutino Bros. recent investments include expanding its workshop space by 700m2, adding a 25 ton gantry head crane to increase lifting capacity and acquiring specialised measuring equipment for the oil and gas components.

Not content with just increasing its capacity, the company was ISO 9001 certified (for quality management) in December 2014 and is currently preparing to be audited for ISO 18001 (for Health and Safety.)

The company has been working on a project with a client developing machining processes for oil and gas industry components specifically, although it has a long history as a contractor to larger oil and gas stakeholders.

“We work closely with our clients, their projects are our projects and the focus is on getting the job done,” says Cutino. “We pride ourselves on being reliable, and flexible. Two attributes that are key to any solutions provider for the oil rigs.”

The company’s services include:

  • Turning Capacity Ø1400mm x 8000mm between centers
  • Vertical boring Capacity Ø2600 x 1250mm
  • CNC milling Capacity 4000 x 3000 x 1500mm
  • CNC Turning Capacity Ø670 x 1520mm
  • Horizontal boring
  • Milling
  • Slotting
  • Surface grinding
  • Cylinder grinding
  • Manufacturing of pressure testing components
  • Manufacture of API flanges
  • Machining of riser main tube flanges
  • Machining of BX & R/RX ring grooves
  • Machining of telescopic joint components, diverters, spiders & gimbals
  • Manufacturing of mechanical components
  • Manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders
  • Manufacturing of pump components
  • Manufacturing of exhaust manifolds
  • Welding repairs with qualified & approved procedures
  • Overhaul of large centrifugal & vacuum pumps, valves
  • Overhaul or manufacture complete gearboxes
  • Micro alignment for bores, beams structures (accuracy of 0.02mm over 10000mm)
  • Overhaul of mooring winches
  • Removal of broken studs or bolts in-situe
  • In-Situ Machining of shafts, thread cutting & keyway cutting
  • In-Situ Machining of liner landing faces
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