Nozzles & spray systems for the Petrochemical Industry

Nozzles & spray systems for the Petrochemical Industry

PACKING columns typically found in the petrochemical and chemical industries rely heavily on the nozzles installed to effectively wash the packing material.  Droplet sizes are not as important as the

spray pattern, which must provide an even liquid distribution to effectively wash the packing material.  Uneven spray patterns caused by partially clogged or worn nozzles have a negative effect on the overall cleaning process in the column.  With this in mind, Lechler has a variety of “non-clogging” or extra free passage nozzles.  

Lechler 422.423 Tangential Full Cone nozzles offer a wide variety of flow rates, which deliver the necessary throughput, needed to effectively and efficiently clean the Demister material (typically wire mesh or fiber bed.)  The 422.423 Tangential Full Cone nozzles stand out in this application due to the tangential inlet and swirl chamber in the nozzle.  This eliminates the need for the typical insert found in traditional full cone nozzles.  These inserts are more often than not the reason for the nozzles to become clogged from particles in the water.  

Further to the design, Lechler strives to make a difference in your spray nozzle applications by systematically reviewing the process conditions, which affect the nozzle and look for ways that our nozzles can assist the process.  An example of this would be the variety material options.  The 422.423 Tangential Full Cone nozzles are offered in 317L St/St, which has slightly higher molybdenum content than 316L St/St, yet has greater longevity, but without the typical price premium associated with Hastelloy class material.

Series 422.423 Full Cone Nozzles:

  • Tangential design with no swirl insert
  • Maximum clog resistance
  • Stable spray distribution and pattern over wide pressure range
  • Variety of materials and connections available.
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