Highest number of Renewable Energy installations in SA

Specialist electrical contractor, Brand Engineering SA, has carried out the highest number of utility scale solar Renewable Energy (RE) installations in the RE industry in South Africa.  It has become a key construction partner for RE developers, and is responsible for the generation of 360MW of power for Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) projects and other related renewable energy initiatives.


The U.S. Mission in South Africa empowers South African renewable energy champions

  • U.S. initiative for SA’s green economy comes to Cape Town

The solar and wind industries have taken off and there is a strong case for renewable energy to play a role in South Africa’s energy future.  The U.S. Mission to South Africa has partnered with World Bank’s Connect4Climate and GreenCape to convert a general public awareness and understanding about renewable energy into tangible action that creates jobs, bolsters the economy and increases international collaboration.  Energy21: Exchange Hub in Cape Town on May 10 aims to equip global and local renewable energy champions to raise awareness about the remarkable advances in the renewable energy sector.


Global and national energy experts prepare to attend the annual Africa Energy Indaba

Global and national energy experts prepare to attend the annual Africa Energy Indaba 2017 following #AfricaAtDavos. World Economic Forum followers of 2017 reported that this year’s event saw a shift in the way Africa was perceived at Davos.  Discussions were particularly focused on opportunities for business and investment and African business leaders made their voices heard.  The popularity of the #AfricaAtDavos was testament to world leaders having to recognise Africa and its business agenda on the world stage.

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