Extracting value from the supply chain

Cost sensitivity and mining downturn forces innovation in petrochemical supply chain. Falling oil prices, a crumbling mining sector and local economic uncertainty have created a volatile mix of forces that is putting immense pressure on the petrochemical sector. However, says Noddy Ramroop, Operations Executive: Petrochemical for Unitrans, this is not necessarily bad news for the supply chain.


What's in store for the Cape in 2015?

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Senior Economist Craig Parker from Frost & Sullivan gives his predictions for the Western Cape in 2015. He looks at what will happen in the year ahead in terms of constructions projects and upgrades. Parker also analyses the effects of a decreased oil price and warns against panicky moments at the end of the year.

"The Western Cape hub, particularly Cape Town, is very adamant about moving forward with investment in the Cape - especially with construction."

Parker says job creation in the Cape construction industry has shown great potential and growth. Electricity is also becoming a major focus with new developments such as the Medupi power station.

"Government have also shown a strong commitment to upgrade water infrastructure. That is high on the list for the City of Cape Town."

"The major topic for 2015 would also be the increase in the oil price."

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