FAW trucks take centre-stage at Nampo 2016

The number of FAW trucks sold in the sub-Saharan region has grown exponentially since the opening of the Coega-based plant in 2014. Many Southern African customers are buying locally produced vehicles because of the obvious cost benefits and the opportunity to purchase well-engineered trucks, some modified to meet specific regional conditions.


600SA feature at Eskom’s field day in Orkney

ESKOM, Africa’s largest power generating utility hosts an annual Field Day in the small town of Orkney in the North-West Province. The public utility invites its most notable suppliers from across the country to demonstrate equipment to its staff members, which include Live Line teams as well as Senior Managers from across the board.


Southern Africa success for Generation 9 Terex trucks

In the two years since launching in sub-Saharan Africa, Terex Trucks’ Generation 9 Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs) have seen considerable success,with orders for applications ranging from coal mining operations in South Africa and mine construction in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC,) through to contract mining and plant rental.


Powerstar penetrates the Cape market with a simple and reliable formula

“Ask one who has been stranded after experiencing a vehicle breakdown due to a computer glitch or the failure of a simple diode what they think of today’s high tech systems. ‘Give me something simple and reliable that can be fixed by the average mechanic that doesn’t need a laptop’ is the usual response – and now that simplicity, reliability and ISO9000 quality assurance in a single range of affordable trucks, is available, right here in the Cape,” so says Cape regional sales manager for Powerstar, Gary Harding.

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