New STIHL cutting tool rocking the market

New STIHL cutting tool rocking the market

THE new STIHL TS 500i cut off machine “has been in significant demand in the market since its launch earlier this year” and STIHL MD, Hayden Hutton, says he is not surprised. “The TS 500i is one of

the most advanced and revolutionary cutting machines ever produced.  Its fully automatic engine tuning with STIHL-designed electronically controlled fuel injection – a world first for a hand-held machine – guarantees optimal output at all times and for all tasks. This machine doesn’t just set new standards in engine technology, it is the new standard,” Hutton says.

He adds that the net result of the groundbreaking technology advances in the TS 500i is a machine that is indispensable for anyone in construction. “For building, engineering work, road construction or landscaping, the power and ease of operation STIHL TS 500i makes light of heavy work as never before.  Cutting easily through concrete and natural stone, steel beams, pipes or asphalt components this amazing tool can conquer almost any cutting task,” he says.

One of the prime aims in STIHL technology is to make machines as user friendly as possible and Hutton says the TS 500i certainly fits into this category. The STIHL Injection system does away with the need for a choke and a starting throttle position. Thanks to automatic cold/hot detection, only one starting position is needed. This intelligent detection system uses data like external temperature; altitude and fuel grade to automatically calculate the quantity of fuel needed when starting making starting easier than ever! The operator simply moves the start switch from 0 to I, purges, and starts the engine – “there is no chance of operator error,” states Hutton.

Also, the STIHL TS 500i is one of the easiest cutting machines to operate. The high torque over a wide engine speed range makes it insensitive to feed pressure. It therefore pulls steadily and produces an even cut. The special top handle facilitates control during cuts that require a high level of precision. 

The absence of a carburettor makes the STIHL TS 500i a lightweight machine designed for tough demands. In addition the TS 500i features STIHL’s world-renowned anti vibration system where the piston design has been simplified resulting in less oscillating mass in the cylinder and decreased engine vibration. The proven spring elements also reduce the transmission of engine vibrations to the user’s hands and arms.

Finally, with STIHL’s MDG 1 engine diagnosis unit, servicing is more efficient than ever. All one needs to do is connect the MDG 1 to the cut off machine for the electronic components to be checked and for the machine’s memory to be read. In this way, even occasional irregularities can be picked up and dealt with before they develop into component failure ensuring optimal servicing and longevity.

Other important features of the STIHL TS 500i include:

  • Economical consumption and low exhaust emissions
  • Automatic adaptation to changing conditions
  • Electronic water control
  • Air Filter system with pre-separator

“This state-of-the-art cutting tool really shows its strengths when working in confined conditions thanks to its compact footprint and excellent power-to-weight ratio. In short, it enables precision control, leaving the operator free to concentrate fully on the job at hand,” Hutton concludes.

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