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Africa Oil and Power Partners with Africa Energy Chamber

Africa Oil & Power has signed a strategic partnership with the Africa Energy Chamber to combine their extensive business networks to facilitate transactions and encourage investment in the oil, gas and power spaces. The cooperation will apply to all of Africa Oil & Power’s regional and country investment conferences and will extend to new events on the continent and beyond.

UAE pledges $10bn in investment, South Africa says

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has pledged to invest $10bn in South Africa’s economy, including the tourism and mining sectors, the South African presidency said on Saturday.

Saudi Arabia committed a similar sum with a focus on energy during a Middle East visit by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, who has set an ambitious target of attracting $100bn in investment to kick-start an ailing economy.

Amazon servers are now in Cape Town, making for much faster stream for its cloud customers

  • Amazon on Thursday announced its first Edge location for its CloudFront service in Cape Town.
  • The first such location in Africa, in Johannesburg, went live in June.
  • The rapid rollout of the industry-killing giant makes for much faster streaming from its cloud – and some serious competition for local ISPs.
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