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Gearing-up for growth in the Western Cape

The time is opportune to improve and expand Bonfiglioli’s Western Cape premises. The time is opportune to improve and expand Bonfiglioli’s Western Cape premises.

BONFIGLIOLI’s move into a larger, more customer and staff-friendly location that is better suited for increased product assembly and improved technical support is a reflection of the company’s confidence in the Western Cape’s economic development and growth as the home of high-tech companies in South Africa.

Bonfiglioli is an Italian group of companies that design, manufacture and distribute a complete range of geared motors, variable speed drive systems, planetary gearboxes and photovoltaic solutions to satisfy the most challenging needs in the fields of industrial automation, mobile machinery and renewable energy.

“We offer tailored solutions, whose strength lies in the advanced content of each product and the intelligent integration of different technologies,” says Robert Rohman, managing director at Bonfiglioli South Africa.

“As a leader in global power transmission and control, we are committed to satisfying our customers’ requirements by supplying high-quality products and providing excellent service on an increasingly wide scale.”

“Our new premises will support Bonfiglioli’s commitment to quality and excellence in the design and manufacture of innovative and reliable solutions for power transmission and control in the industrial, mobile and renewable energy sectors,” adds Rohman. The Cape Town team led by branch manager Richard Smith is extremely excited that the move will take the Cape operation to a new level.”

Rohman explains that Bonfiglioli is a family-owned company that is the largest manufacturer of industrial gearboxes in Italy.

“Its founder, Clementino Bonfiglioli, had both a brilliant engineering and entrepreneurial mind. “He recognised opportunities in the market for the geared motor, which changed transmission systems in factories from big, clumsy structures into highly effective, efficient and neat arrangements.

“He was at the forefront of developing a range of light power transmission products that went into applications like conveying, before acquiring a planetary manufacturing company that allowed him to focus on more heavy-duty power application products.”

Rohman says Bonfiglioli products are based on the principal that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can only be transformed. 

“Over 50 years of experience, competence and professionalism have allowed us to integrate electronic, hydraulic and mechanical technology for transforming energy into power to serve mankind. 

“Bonfiglioli can offer excellent  solutions for a  broad range of power transmission and process control requirements from its versatile product range of  electric motors, geared and servomotors drive systems, planetary gearboxes,  and frequency drives. 

“Our solutions are used in a vast range of applications all over the world, in industry, mobile machinery and construction, to improve the quality of life and work on a daily basis.”

Rohman says in the 1990s Clementino Bonfiglioli recognised the global growth in demand for his brand, which encouraged him to expand and develop an international branch network.

“With Bonfiglioli’s products having a successful history in South Africa, a branch in the country made good sense to service both the existing and growing customer base locally and further afield in southern Africa.

“Soon after setting-up our branch in Johannesburg in 1991 we recognised that the Western Cape was an important source of demand for power transmission products, because of its advanced manufacturing sector both at the level of original equipment manufacturer and end-user, particularly in the agricultural industry,” says Rohman.

After 24 years of successful operations in the Western Cape and with a growing renewable energy sector in the province, Rohman says the time is opportune to improve and expand Bonfiglioli’s premises and operations in the Western Cape.

“We recognise that the Western Cape market is discerning and customers require that we are in a position to assemble and build-up geared motors to their exact requirement as well as provide on-site repairs and maintenance.

“Our clients need the ability to have their problems solved locally both from technical and parts-supply perspectives to ensure continuity in their operations.

“We are focused on the individual needs and care of our customers in the Western Cape with whom we have built close relationships. 

“While our new premises will improve our customer-service by improving our assembly and technical capabilities, it will also upgrade security and parking facilities for clients and staff alike with an access-control point.

“Furthermore, the new factory and offices will enhance the quality of working environment for employees with better lighting and more space in more pleasing surroundings. 

“The Bonfiglioli business philosophy is all about pursuing sustainable economic growth in harmony with the environment that we operate in, which we call respect; respect for our clients, respect for our staff, and respect for our social and environmental habitat.

“Bonfiglioli encourages and promotes sustainable and shared development worldwide, through dynamic, responsible, prompt and customer-oriented services,” says Rohman.

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