Mixing without compromise

Motovario double reduction counter rotating auger drive. Motovario double reduction counter rotating auger drive.

When mixing powered and liquid materials, consistency is key, and manufacturers rely on their equipment to ensure the consistent quality of each mixed batch. In the mixing industry, focus is ever moving with technology.

While most liquids are mixed with traditional one blade mixer arm, this dry batch mixer uses Motovario’s latest high efficient geared motors, coupled to a double shaft with double, counter rotating mixing blades. This solution is used by an international food additive plant, where consistency is of paramount importance.

The engineering of this solution is intricate, as one shaft runs inside another into the mixer/auger. The main drive, rotates the auger in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction around the outer parameter of the mixing tank. The secondary drive – via a set of gears – rotates the mixing auger; this results in complete and efficient mixing.

The modular concept of this gearbox and motor arrangement allows for ease of removal of motors or part of the gearbox with zero contamination of the Ingredients.  

Special, food-grade oil, along with reinforced output bearings and double output seals ensures long life and minimal maintenance on the units.

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