Voith offers a wide range of services for rail vehicle operators

  • Full-service solutions for locomotives
  • Overhauling trucks saves time
  • Railcars ground down and repainted
  • Engineering competence: Vehicles technically modernized

The Voith Rail Service Center in Kiel has considerably expanded its range of services. In addition to classic maintenance and repair work, the Voith service technicians also perform bogie overhauls and fleet repainting tasks. Thanks to its comprehensive engineering experience, the Service Competence Center is also capable of performing a variety of modernization measures on vehicles.


Improving vessel operability in rough waters

Continued success in the Scottish maritime sector has prompted Voith to extend the geographical footprint of its Voith-Schneider propeller range into Africa. Caledonian Maritime Assets (CMAL) recently equipped its third hybrid ferry with two 16R5 EC/90-1 Voith Schneider propellers (VSP,) together with two bow-tooth couplings and the Voith electronic control system.


New double-ended ferry – safe and eco-friendly

 Ferries operated by Norden-Frisia AG have been serving the East Frisian island of Norderney for many decades. Navigation in these coastal waters poses special challenges: in some areas the waterway only leaves a few centimeters below the keel and the water contains a significant amount of swirled-up sand.

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