This is why South African banks have won a global award for strength

  • Lafferty says in back-testing its research model through the financial crisis, it found that there was no relationship between sovereign credit ratings and bank quality.

South African banks held onto their status as the most sound in the world for a second year, according to a global benchmark, despite a downgrade in their credit ratings in line with the sovereign.


Building Your Own Home: Tips and Tricks

Everybody has a dream home. Perhaps yours has a master bedroom overlooking the garden….a modern, open-plan kitchen….spa-like features in the bathroom…or a huge patio for summer cocktail parties. It's all well and good to have a property wish list but these comforts are always easier said than done. A lot of practicalities and costs go into stepping onto the property ladder, not the least of which is the decision to buy or custom build from scratch.


South Africa’s top 10 financial companies

With help from the University of Cape Town, annual publication Top 500 South Africa’s Best Managed Company has whittled the country’s financial firms down the its finest. The study splits the finance industry into 10 main sectors; we picked the leading company from each.


On the financial wish list for 2017

Although South Africa has little reason for alarm when it comes to the stability of its banking system, political risks still loom large and the consequences are difficult to anticipate. This is why a safety net in the form of deposit insurance is so important. And South Africa is one of only a handful of countries in the world not to have it.


Treasury launches open local government financial data portal – “Municipal Money”

According to National Treasury is proud to launch “Municipal Money”, an open local government budget data portal which provides citizens and other stakeholders with access to comparable, verified information on the financial performance of each municipality. Municipal Money aims to promote transparency and citizen engagement through the visualisation and ‘demystification’ of information about municipal spending.


The 101 on Setting Financial Goals for 2017

With the festive season on the horizon, the last thing on our minds is our financial goals for 2017. In fact, it’s possible that figuring out our financial objectives for the upcoming year sits fairly low on our priority lists, or not at all. However, with the guaranteed rush and financial strain that comes with the holiday period, it is imperative that we start considering the financial climate, expectations and commitments that the New Year will bring.


Horizon Capital achieves 0% vacancy across its managed portfolios

Property, the asset class of choice for many on their wealth creation journey, requires active management in order to maximise return. Failure to assign a dynamic, experienced and well-connected management company would likely result in the emergence of vacancies, escalating operating costs and sub-standard rentals, particularly in challenging economic climates, ultimately leading to poor asset performance.

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