Italian electric pumps are jewel in Agrinet’s crown

Italian electric pumps are jewel in Agrinet’s crown

Agrinet, supplier and distributor of industrial products, general merchandise and irrigation products to the agricultural, retail and industrial markets in sub-Saharan Africa, is proud supplier of Speroni

electric pumps. Speroni has been distributed and supported by Agrinet in Southern Africa since 1996. This grants the end-user peace of mind when it comes to the necessary technical support and after sales service.

Speroni is a quality Italian electric pump manufacturer. “For the past 60 years they have been at the forefront of technological design, product innovation and research. The wide range of Speroni pumps are well known for their reliability, high quality components and ease of use,” says Agrinet spokesperson. 

Locally, Speroni is seen as a major contester in the agricultural, domestic & industrial segments. The Speroni range consists of submersible and surface pumps, ensuring a possible solution to most water supply demands.

Agrinet’s primary focus is to offer an impressive range of products & exclusive brands to their customers, capitalize on economies of scale as well as the continuous optimisation of the value chain from the manufacturer to the retail store.

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