Rentals drive into the Cape

Rentals drive into the Cape

WEIR Minerals recognises the challenges faced by its mining and industrial clients, including capital constraints.

The company has achieved tremendous success with its rental model, which facilitates access to the best technologies for the limited duration for which they are required. Weir Minerals’ philosophy is to be present on the doorsteps of its customers. To this end, the company is increasing its rental fleet in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth to service the mining and general industrial sectors in the Eastern Cape.

Weir Minerals Cape Town currently holds stock of submersible dirty water and slurry pumps, as well as diesel driven trailer mounted self-priming pump sets that are able to support both the mining and building industry’s requirements.

“In addition to these pumps we are able to offer total packages consisting of pumps, piping, valves and ancillary equipment mounted on pontoons for the cleaning of silted up ponds or the dewatering of ponds where the site conditions are not conducive for operating the pumping equipment from the bank,” says rental and submersible manager, Howard Jones.

The rental option complements Weir Minerals’ focus of adding value and providing solutions to clients. Through rentals, the company is able to offer total and varied solutions for the market by keeping a range of robust equipment that would be selected to best suit each unique site condition.

The company’s first rental store was opened in Middelburg on 1 October 2009. The team has generated extensive experience and boasts a host of successful case studies, which demonstrate significant savings to the customers.

“We have a mature team of technically competent people with lots of practical knowledge. They have a problem resolution mind-set which is invaluable in assessing the best possible solution to meet the customer’s needs in a cost-effective way without compromising on safety. The rental option remains a lifesaver for many of our clients and Weir Minerals will continue to evolve to meet the changing market requirements for many years to come,” says Jones.

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