Opinion: Blame it on Jan Van Riebeeck

You know, it’s not easy being a South African columnist these days, now that the end is nigh and every intelligent South African agrees that President Zuma cannot run a spaza shop, never mind a country. And as for the ANC, even Supreme Commander Julius Malema agrees that they steal from the poor to give to themselves.


Opinion: Time for a happy ending

Ho ho ho, it is the season of goodwill, joy and Christmas lunches and I want to say something nice. I really do. But I also don't want to lie. And that would mean writing an entire column without once mentioning the ANC.


Opinion: Farm murders leave ANC cold

Evidence presented to last month’s Human Rights Commission hearing on the safety and security of farming communities has widened the context of this continuum of mass murder. It also helps to explain why the ANC government does not care. 


Opinion: ANC takes SA the full circle

Apartheid South Africa had laws discriminating against people on the grounds of their race and their skin colour. It was legalised racism; enforcing discrimination by law. This was abhorrent to civilised people everywhere in the world, including South Africa.


Opinion: Rolling back the liberation

LUDWIG von Mises could be called the poster daddy of the Austrian School of Economics. He was born in Austria-Hungary (when it was still an empire) in 1881 and lived to the age of 92, when he died in New York in 1973.


Opinion: All flock together now

You remember how, before His Excellency Dr Jacob Zuma (honoris causa) became president of the ANC, before he chased away the president of South Africa and then himself became supreme commander of all he beheld, he faced a charge of rape? Of course you do.

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