Africa could become ‘The New China’, says Frost and Sullivan

  • GIL Africa congress reveals that new digital transformation strategies can lead to revenues of up to US$5,7m per day.

Africa has been identified as the continent with the potential to become the next China. Africans have embraced mobile communication technologies faster than any other parts of the world and the continent is being recognised as the next potential enabler of sustainable economic growth, driving innovation for the developing world.


Mega trends in Africa

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Frost and Sullivan say that Africa is truly the last growth frontier. The growth rates promised by Africa are second only to Southeast Asia at the moment with seven of the top ten fastest growing economies in the world found in Africa.


'Digital Darwinism' Threatens Lagging Enterprises in Africa

Frost and Sullivan to present digital challenges and growth opportunities at GIL 2016: Africa Congress.
The future of the enterprise as we know it today will become unrecognisable in the next 10 years.  Any organisation that is not embracing digital transformation will succumb to the effects of Digital Darwinism and be left behind in an increasingly fast changing digital super economy.


Japan eyes Africa as the new investment frontier, says Frost & Sullivan

Convergence across industries is resulting in the rapid emergence of new business models as well as substantial investment opportunities for the African continent. As Frost & Sullivan Senior Partner, Dorman Followwill, highlighted in his opening presentation at the Growth Innovation Leadership (GIL) 2015 Africa congress that took place in Cape Town last week - Africa is the continent of the greatest opportunity today.


Africa to become innovative adopter and pioneer of technologies

The impact of convergence, driven by connectivity, is the key component that focuses on the future of all industries and businesses across the globe. The Growth Innovation Leadership (GIL) 2015: Africa congress returns to Africa for its fifth consecutive year on Thursday, 20 August at the Table Bay, in Cape Town, South Africa. Over 200 C-suite executives will convene from across Africa to leverage game changing technologies and Mega Trends and explore unprecedented growth opportunities. Frost & Sullivan will present case studies of ‘Connectivity and Convergence’ shaping and changing the various industry sectors in which we do business at the GIL congress.

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