Water supply tanks from sustainable coated steel

ZINCALUME steel guarantees  long-life performance. ZINCALUME steel guarantees long-life performance.

Hi tech and sustainable, aluminium zinc coated steel water tanks help to protect the modern Holdsport warehouse in Philippi, Cape Town, against fire.

The August edition of CBN carried a case study on the usage of Clean COLORBOND steel with Thermatech solar reflectance technology coating on the roof and walls at the Holdsport warehouse in Philippi. At the same location, a spectactular pair of circular tanks in the Holdsport yard were made from ZINCALUME steel – the signature product from BlueScope Steel, a well-known multinational steel roofing company – supply high-pressure water for the automatic sprinkler system used for fire-fighting inside the warehouse. ZINCALUME steel is the substrate used in the manufacture of Clean COLORBOND steel.

The system was specified by Aurecon as an integral part of the building’s life safety and fire-fighting systems, and the tanks were built by SBS Water Systems in Durban. According to Brian Wilson, SBS Water Systems’ Sales and Marketing Manager, each tank has a usable storage capacity of 414,000 litres for a total of 818,000 litres. “These SBS Tanks, Model ST12/08, have a diameter of 8.19m and an overall height of 8.41m, and are designed and installed to comply with the strict regulations that govern the fire protection industry.”

As far as light-weighted durability is concerned, ZINCALUME steel tanks are in a class of their own. “SBS has been installing tanks made from ZINCALUME in South Africa, and beyond its borders, since 1998. The company only use ZINCALUME steel to manufacture the outer shell and roof cover of our SBS Tanks range, because of its proven track record as a superior product with excellent strength, corrosion-resistant properties, and the consistent quality of the material we receive,” Wilson explains.

“A metal coated product’s life is ultimately decided by the environment it is exposed to, the amount of coating metal applied to the base steel, and the evenness of its application. Our ZINCALUME steel has a guaranteed minimum coating mass of AZ150g/m², which is our customers’ guarantee of long-life performance,” adds Wayne Miller, BlueScope’s GM in southern Africa.

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