Cape Town to get new number plates – here’s why they are changing


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The Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works has called for public comment on a number of proposed changes to be made to the ‘CA’ license plate.

Under the proposals all new vehicles would instead show ‘CAA’ as a replacement. The change will not affect current vehicle owners or people who wish to transfer the vehicle licence to a different vehicle, but will apply to all new vehicle registrations.

A departmental spokesperson told BusinessTech that the changes are being introduced because licensing authorities are running out of possible alphanumeric combinations which will inevitably lead to duplicates.

He said that this issue is unique to the Western Cape and Gauteng which use a more standardised system when compared to the rest of the county.

Gauteng introduced its new system in December 2010 which replaced the “three letters, three numbers” format with the current format of two letters of the alphabet, starting with, followed by two numbers, and then another two letters.

Any person or organisation wishing to comment on the content of this notice is requested to lodge a comment in writing before or on 15 January 2018.





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