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According to The Department of Communications says it aims to implement the nine-point plan by training Set Top Boxes (STBs) installers in order to put more money into the pockets of South Africans who are still struggling to make ends meet, says Communications Minister Faith Muthambi.

Speaking during her digital migration public awareness Imbizo at Mtititi village in Limpopo on Saturday, Minister Muthambi announced that her department has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the department of Public Works for the training of installers nationally.

“We’ve heard young South Africans complaining that they can’t find work, now we want them to know that as government, we have the nine-point plan focusing on making a real, positive difference in the lives of our people.

“This training of set-top-boxes installers is aimed at providing young people with skills and employment opportunities," says Minister Muthambi.

“It cannot be business as usual when the youth of this country continue to constitute high volumes of the unemployed. As the department, we are saying that local youth must benefit from this project.

“To those who are still struggling to make ends meet, we are saying don’t despair, we’ve a clear, solid plan that will create jobs… grow the economy, and put more money into your pockets, that’s how we want to move South Africa forward with the nine-point plan,” she says.

The Minister said a meeting between the Digital Migration Project Management Office (PMO) and senior representatives of the department of Public Works to iron out implementation details of the MoU was held last week.

She said both parties have committed to ensure to the exchange of material information in order for the department of Public Works to secure the requisite funding and begin with the training roll-out.

Minister Muthambi says the training roll-out will follow the STB roll-out pattern in order to maintain the momentum.

“It is anticipated that on completion, an approximately 2, 800 new installers would have been equipped with the skills nationwide. All these will be possible using our real and fair plan that is aimed at offering chance to all South Africans to succeed,” she says.

The nine-point plan is government’s most appropriate intervention to foster long-term economic growth and stability.

Registration of STBs

Minister Muthambi says the total registrations across the four provinces, namely Northern Cape, Free State, Mpumalanga and Limpopo to date has reached 31, 548.

Government’s policy position is to supply subsidised five million STB to poor Television household owners where registration and installations have been completed.

The Minister said since her Imbizo at Mphambo village in July, registrations of STBs rose from 200 to 400 within a week.

“We encourage residents of Mtititi and surrounding villages to register and experience changes among the poor when it comes to quality picture and sound on Radio and TV viewing.

“This will put the country in clearing the spectrum and will create more benefits to the country for the rollout of broadband services. I am appealing to indigents locals to visit their nearest South African Post Office to register in order to receive government subsidised broadcast services,” she says.

Minister Muthambi the STB registration requirements includes the South African Identity Document; proof of residence; proof of possessing a TV set and a proof of household income below R3, 200 per month.

“We also encourage those who are knowledgeable about these procedures to help the needy better understand the processes. It is our wish that all residents should have registered by December 2016 so that they are not left behind when the mass distribution of the STB commences,” she says.

Following Minister Muthambi’s visit, two poor households received flat TV sets fully equipped with STBs and one of the households is a child-headed family.

Learners also received tablets following their excellence performance on their grade 12 subjects. The tablets donated by Telkom Foundation came with 1 gigabyte of data per months for the period of 12 months.

Mtititi is along the borderline of South Africa with Mozambique and is receiving first priority to be migrated digitally in order for South Africa not to delay neighbouring countries.



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