Why South Africa has the potential to be a trending destination in 2017


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Good news –South Africa is a hot destination according to global travel trends and research done on what travellers want in 2017.

According to research conducted by Virtuoso Travel Trends that included the participation of 390 agencies, more than 11 400 advisers and 41 countries throughout North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Middle East – South Africa is the top adventure destination of 2017, second top global destination and fourth “must-see” emerging destination.

Further analysis shows that whether travellers explore locally or beyond borders, a need for “lesser-known destinations” has become important.  This is good news for RSA with the country’s diversity, affordability and amount of hidden gems, the Country is great for international, as well as local South African, tourists.

With travellers becoming more and more environmentally conscious and searching for rich and diverse heritage experiences, another trend that has emerged for 2017 is green and sustainable destinations. Travellers in 2017 are in search of a rich cultural experience – something to change their perspectives and broaden their horizons. But, at the same time, travellers are becoming more aware of destinations’ carbon footprints. 

The SA Government agree and state that some of the top reasons why people love travelling to, or in, South Africa are the diverse experiences. From culture-rich experiences, to adventures and wildlife and responsible tourism - from social and conservation projects, to supporting local arts and crafts and of course the natural beauty the Country is known for.

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve, three hours’ drive from Cape Town, has become a hot destination as it aligns so well with the above-mentioned trends. It is not only a lesser-known destination, but offers visitors adventure, rich cultural history and is a “green” Resort – with its Photovoltaic Hybrid Energy System offering around-the-clock environmentally-friendly power. All of this set within an awe-inspiring landscape and remote setting that is pretty much “off grid”.

Kagga Kamma’s Resort Manager, Tania Smith says: “Travellers love Kagga Kamma because they can go on an adventure in the untouched wilderness, or have a rich cultural experience on a Rock Art Tour, lie under a ceiling of a billion stars and unplug from the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life.” She continued to say that Kagga Kamma is not only a great destination for overseas travellers, but an ideal quick getaway destination for “Capetonians”.

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