Become a distributor for Great Imports in Cape Town

Become a distributor for Great Imports in Cape Town

Great Imports are direct importers and wholesalers of house and home products. Because the company imports directly, its customers benefit from “good profit margins and overall high profits,” says Owner, Murray Leveton.

Great Imports is now offering an opportunity to Distributors in Cape Town who wish to earn extra income. “One of our distribution channels is the ultimate social direct selling method, very similar to the Tupperware model which has been a phenomenal success internationally.”

This opportunity also applies to those who already have a direct selling network and are looking to expand their existing product range, adding a few well-chosen products full or part time with no extra effort.

Leveton says “working from home or on a part time basis has become more and more popular, it affords the opportunity to earn extra income, with minimal effort tapping into their network of family and friends, whilst keeping their risk and overhead to a minimum, this is a formula for success.”


Murray Leveton, Great Imports  cc

Direct importers of House and Home products

Tel : +27 021- 827 -7701

Fax: +27 0865- 431- 575

E-mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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