DTI committed to growing exports

DTI committed to growing exports

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is committed to growing the diversity and volume of the country’s exports by ensuring that all stakeholders play an active role in the implementation of the National Exporter Development Programme (NEDP.)

The purpose of the NEDP is to increase exports, particularly of those products and services that add value and contribute to employment and the green economy.

The target group is small, micro and medium enterprises (SMMEs,) generally drawn from the ranks of the previously disadvantaged, while still taking into account the needs of larger potential and established exporters.

Director of Industrial Policy at the department, Fanie Gagiano, said during a three-day team export South Africa workshop in Pretoria, that one of the most important strategies was identifying sectors in which South Africa has a comparative advantage.

He also identified the need to strengthen institutional support for these sectors and develop a matrix management system to ensure linkages between Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP), enterprise development and empowerment programmes on the one hand, and export promotion and development programmes on the other hand.

“The effective implementation of export development requires commitment from a broad range of stakeholders who are involved in the export sector and supporting exporters.

“The current exporter development landscape in South Africa is extensive but very fragmented, and a deeper engagement and collaboration to effect changes is required to introduce a more coherent support framework,” said Gagiano.

The workshop, being held in Pretoria, has put the spotlight on the strategic direction in driving the national export agenda, soliciting support from stakeholders and industry, and encouraging collaboration with stakeholders in the implementation of the NEDP and the reviewed Export Council Model.

Acting Chief Director of Export Development and Support, Jacob Moatshe, said the New Growth Path also prioritises the creation of jobs in South Africa through a coordinated set of actions, consisting of macroeconomic strategies, microeconomic measures and stakeholder commitments to drive employment and economic growth.

“To widen the market for South African goods and services through a stronger focus on exports to the region and other rapidly growing economies, as government we must encourage collaboration with stakeholders in the implementation of the NEDP and the reviewed Export Council Model,” said Moatshe.

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