Group 1 Taxi: Changing the South African taxi landscape

Nissan NV350 Impendulo Nissan NV350 Impendulo

The Minibus Taxi industry is responsible for the transport of millions of South Africans but is often plagued by older, poorly maintained taxis.

Group 1 Taxi, a joint venture that was established between Group 1 Nissan and SANTACO, aims to introduce the Nissan NV350 Impendulo Taxi as a safer alternative to worn out and damaged taxis.

The joint venture splits profits made from the sales of the NV350 between Group 1 Taxi and SANTACO members, allowing members of SANTACO to increase profits and allocate additional money to maintenance to increase driving safety. Group 1 Taxi is plan on selling an estimated 5000 NV350s through this deal which is at present available only to SANTACO members in the Western Cape. Group 1 Taxi will soon be heading up country to give more SANTACO members the opportunity to purchase this fantastic vehicle.

The NV350 Taxi's competitive advantages

The NV350 trumps other competitors with the following advantages:

  • Service interval of 15,000kms rather than 10,000 km
  • 100,000km warranty than the 60,000km offered by competitors
  • Roughly R6,000 cheaper than competitor

The NV350's four key selling points also make it an attractive deal:

  • Great fuel economy
  • Modern and refreshing styling
  • Well designed and convenient cockpit
  • Low running costs

Nissan's NV350 taxi heritage

Nissan has been a standard in the South African taxi industry since the E20 taxi was released in 1973 and proceeded to sell over 71,000 units until the E20 was discontinued in 1996.

The new NV350 taxi, fondly called the "Impendulo" which means "The Answer" in Zulu, will be continuing the E20's heritage of quality, value for money and passenger safety thanks to its driver and passenger airbags, all round safety belts, crumple zones and Zone Body Structure. The Impendulo will also have security options such as immobiliser and DataDot anti-theft technology.

Not just a taxi

The NV350 is not just the answer for the taxi industry, it is also perfectly suited to school, tour and staff transport. Contact our Nissan Fleet Sales team to find out more about how the NV350 can answer all your transport requirements.  

By: Kevin Myer at WSI Internet Marketing

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