Dovetail launches Africa’s first Container Transport Software solution

Dovetail business solutions Director Shermandra Singh Dovetail business solutions Director Shermandra Singh

DOVETAIL Business Solutions launched Africa’s first dedicated web-based Container Transport Solution (CTS) in November 2013. 

The software was uniquely developed to cater for logistic companies that need to overcome the tasks of transporting containers, track their movement at various stages, track storage locations, and manage the booking-and-return functions of containers, including integration with Dovetail’s driver mobility solution. 

The solution permits accurate rating and billing for these services and enables companies to globally track and trace container movements. 

“This unique software management system offers the logistics and shipping industry increased visibility, container management and tracking, performance management and fleet management,” notes Dovetail Business Solutions business development director Shermandra Singh. 

The tracking of container movements extends to jobs outsourced to subcontractors. Integration with external systems to create seamless tracking updates on a near real time basis is available. 

CTS also comprises of activity-based billing that automatically calculates each leg of the container movement process eliminating the risk of lost or missed revenue opportunities. In addition, subcontractor costs can also be automatically calculated, which will provide profit and loss reporting.  

Among other developments, Dovetail also upgraded its driver MobileControl solution in mid-2013 and will offer this track and trace software, which enables route optimisation, reduced fuels costs and increased efficiencies for the fleet management industry, on Android devices from January 2014. 

“The mobile solution integrates with Dovetail’s transport, container and warehouse management solution and can be integrated with any external logistics or ERP solution,” Singh explains.  

Dovetail Business Solutions is a leading African provider of software solutions to the transport, warehousing, 3PL and Logistics industries. The core software set includes the proven FreightWare TMS, Accellos 3PL WMS and MobileControl solutions. Many of the leading supply chain organisations in Southern Africa utilise Dovetail’s software with more than 10 million transactions processed through the company’s solutions each month.

Dovetail’s software and service offering includes transport management, warehouse management route optimisation, fleet management, business intelligence, mobile and document management solutions.

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