Tellap pallet-free packaging system environmental award

Tellap pallet-free packaging system environmental award The Tellap environmentally-friendly pallet-free bulk bag

TELLAP (Pty) Ltd has won the prestigious ‘Best Product’ award, in the under R1m category, in the 2013 Green Supply Chain Awards, held in Johannesburg recently.

“The Tellap environmentally-friendly pallet-free bulk bag is an innovative storage and transportation system, which integrates two light plastic sleeves into a polypropylene bulk bag, replacing the conventional wooden pallet, with a totally recyclable design,” says Clinton van den Berg, products manager, Tellap. “Companies seeking a strong, lightweight, recyclable alternative to a conventional bulk bag and wooden pallet, now have a new safe and reliable option – the Tellap pallet-free packaging system. For the first time, there is an economically viable, sustainable, modern alternative to the inefficient wooden pallet.

“This coveted environmental award, which recognises excellence and innovation in the ‘greening’ of supply chains, is a highlight in Tellap’s global development. An increasing number of leading bulk bag storage and transportation companies are investing in the cost effective Tellap system and are benefiting from reduced shipping costs, fuel savings, lower warehousing costs and ISPM15 compliance. Conventional bulk bags and wooden pallets have dominated the transportation and storage of granular dry bulk products globally, simply  because there has not been a competitive alternative.”

“Many disenchanted companies have cited increasing pallet costs, product contamination, safety concerns and the transportation of unproductive heavy bulky pallets, often weighing up to 30kg, as impediments to business efficiency. Today there is an alternative - Tellap, the new lightweight, recyclable, space-saving packaging system, weighing less than 5kg. This system offers enhanced safety, improved logistic efficiencies and easy implementation. The bottom line is this new packaging system saves companies and their customers’ money.”

Designed to replace the pallet and bag, the Tellap system comprises a proprietary bulk bag with strong lightweight, plastic sleeves. The sleeves, integrated into the base of the bag become the pallet, allowing a forklift to raise the bag from the base.

Safety has been an important focus of the design of the Tellap system. The integrated sleeves, which act like outriggers on a canoe, increase stability during storage and transport, making the system safer for workers. Stacking three high, where legislation allows, utilises limited space whilst retaining stability.

Sustainability is also critical in a modern product handling system. Tellap is made of polypropylene and 100% recyclable. This system avoids waste and ensures a clean, safe environment.

Tellap, which is certified by TEN-E Packaging Services, global specialists in packaging component testing, has passed rigorous independent testing and meets stringent performance requirements for non-dangerous goods contained in flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC). This international certification and Tellap’s in-house controls, ensure every customer consistently receives a safe quality product fit for every specific packaging purpose.

This new environmentally friendly system has been designed for the efficient and secure packaging, storage and transportation of dry, loose and bulk products. Tellap is ideal for packing and transporting resins, food commodities and ingredients (including cereals and nuts) as well as pharmaceuticals, minerals and chemicals. 

Tellap has patent approval from authorities in South Africa, Europe, Asia, Australasia and the USA.

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